bromances et. al

bigups to afrakaren for her part in making sure that i made it into kamau’s bday party, though due to the lateness of my streetcar (and the fact that i forgot all about going directly into the heart of the TIFF), i was half an hour late and thus, breezily waltzed in to squeeze in between jesse and del (only to have my lap graced by the vision that was nehal in an eyelet dress, dimples ablaze. it may have been four days in a row, a statistical irregularity, but it was dresses 2/4 of those days-ooh.) i passed the chalk drawings again today, those that remain, and had a warm fuzzy all over again. louis c.k. is a virgo too (happy bday today), tali and i exchanged texts about ye-z as artists and not social workers, i spontaneously broke into “it ain’t no fun” whilst walking to the cbc building (damn you, doggystyle), tried a salted caramel frappuccino at starbucks, which was strangely like their chocolate covered pretzel in liquid coffee form, found out that k’naan is going to be cast as patrice lamumba in a feature film (by nick broomfield), jean grae‘s reading tucker max, and the cedar basket gift shop is a good place to get some sage to smudge one’s new apartment before she moves in on thursday. also, margaret atwood + the philly free library podcast = eargasm. werd.


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