flying changes-sara gruen

this is no ape house, but hey, we all need to start somewhere. here’s to the bag ladies, real or imagined:

“I pull the retractable handles out of her suitcases and loop the handles of my plastic bags over them, hoping that this will keep them relatively stable and perhaps even render them slightly less conspicuous. I’m actually a little afraid I might be mistaken for a bag lady. Of course, if there are any embarrassing episodes in the lobby, I can just flash my beautiful ringless fingers. Itinerants don’t have perfect French manicures.” (219)


One thought on “flying changes-sara gruen

  1. a few more stylistics:

    “You can’t pluck an idea out like you can a sliver.” (3)

    “The I lie back, my legs slack and my head resting on his rump. His spine is padded and warm and slightly indented. I love the feel of my vertebrae stretched out along his. We fit like a zipper. I cross my arms on my chest and close my eyes.” (135)

    “An event like this rewrites everything. Absolutely everything. And then as a final gesture, it chucks the pen in the trash.” (312)

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