this metrotextual week-the one that got away

“a woman needs a man like a fish needs a net.”

“of course, everything tastes better with lard.”

there was a clothing shop in vancouver called you and what army? besides being of non-traditional grammatical structure (i don’t know a thing about that), i got the story-a disgruntled retail worker stood up to his/her tyrant of a boss and threatened to open up his/her own shop. the boss’s response became the worker’s store name. so you know there must be a similar story for the restaurant called the one that got away in which the first quote adorns the walls. i love this city, and the opportunity to hang out and do fancy things when people come to town, like try new fish tacos and mayan hot chocolate and buy expensive and delicate chocolates in pretty places like soma. i also learned from alison fryer not to buy sets of knives or pots/pans and that quinoa has a natural herbicide which causes the bitter taste if you don’t rinse it. the trip to north york library is always fun, even when one is hella-exhausted after a double block of learning kids how to read good, compounded by the racist shit that exists to form young minds. damn the french and their clueless racism. grumble grumble.


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