slakadeliqs in scarberia

“i did this with an organ i bought at valu-village for ten bucks-listen.”

when i innerviewed aloe blacc last summer, he lamented the loss of collective listening-gone are the days of gathering with one’s family to dance around to the same albums, now the emphasis is on everyone’s own private collection, private listening. thursday night, after a long trek on public transit, i was welcomed into slakah‘s party to celebrate his latest effort, the slakadeliqs, an album that i believe to be the sgt. pepper of his young career. this album listening was unlike a movie screening, where everything is dark-there’s no mistaking that we were sharing space amongst a family connected by his music, and that we were feeling it. having the insight into the production of the sound that can only come from a producer who knows his true strengths (no shock value, here) was priceless, and the darling little pudding cups were delicious. slakah was the epitome of gracious, as he introduced himself to everyone and personally got drinks for people, emptied garbage bins from the hors d’oeuvres himself (and damn are those congee spoons making the catering circuit), but the best treat was how he wasn’t afraid to publicly love his album. divine brown was radiant as she rocked her bigitup knit cap, glenn lewis was in the house, and there was no shortage of well-dressed fellas. i texted one of the participants on the project, who expressed how much he wanted to be there, and went to text another-and realized that i had deleted his number (again). oh, how cyclical this life is. bigups to miz alyse feldman, who stays on the fly. she not only invited me to the event, but acted as my hopstop, too (she originally put me onto the hopstop all those years ago in new york).


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