if you ask me (and of course you won’t)-betty white

the thing i love about the library is that it is a truly public place. so, tucked into this latest betty white memoir, was the above note. i could be wrong, but it looks like someone trying to work out his/her pornstar name-amazing. so fitting for the lady who included her own handwritten chapters-if i was koko, i’d try to unbutton her blouse, too.

“Well, animal lover that I am, a cougar I am not. All my life, even as a kid, I have preferred men older than I am.

Unfortunately, today I don’t think there is anyone older that I am!” (161)


2 thoughts on “if you ask me (and of course you won’t)-betty white

  1. womanifesto:

    “For me, humor is about rhythm. It’s like an ear for music. It’s hard to explain.” (24)

    “My father was a workaholic who just could not stop working. He would talk about all the things he was going to do when he retired at sixty-five, and you knew he was whistling in the dark. And sure enough, he died at sixty-four and a half. He just couldn’t face it.” (30)

    “People always seem amazed that I write in longhand. Well, if it’s good enough for Steinbeck, it’s good enough for me! I really can’t communicate to a machine-the thoughts want to go from my brain down my arm to my hand to the page. After I’d written that first draft, I copy it over again onto another page. That’s when the most changes are made, as I polish and rewrite the original-once again, in longhand.” (92-93)

    “There’s a remoteness to film stars. As an accessible television performer, you have to be careful walking down the street-you might pick up a hundred new best friends. It’s so unlike film stars, it’s a different genetic makeup.
    Television and I discovered each other together. It was a very short window to get in, timing-wise.” (150)

  2. I admit i was taken by surprise of all the funnies of Bet. And now seeing her “rhythm” tie in, it really brings everything together. I’m interested in her life views. She will most likely beat out George Burns as far as length of years being funny, On being humorous she lapped him many times over decades before i even got to this planet.

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