dawn-octavia butler

cherry popped

“She nodded, wondering why she could absorb his words so easily. Perhaps because she had known even before her capture that the world she had known she was dead. She had already absorbed that loss to the degree that she could.” (32)

this one was on the list because junot diaz said that he savoured it chapter by chapter in a mine shaft. perhaps without that tunnel vision, and actually from the opposite situation of being 25 books (of the original 60) on the verge of being overdue tomorrow, i am cutting it (after 37 pages more than the usual 30). to be fair, it was on the master list (in my mind) because butler is a living legend, all respects due, but i’m sure that this is mostly because i don’t have a science fiction mind. i was talking to a regular customer the other day about reading, and he was saying that he’s making a foray back from a long absence-“the other side of knowledge is that it’s indoctrination”-and he liked my idea to read biography instead of the heavy philosophical and metaphysical books that he was previously drowning in, so somehow, i’m thinking this is related. 

and now back to my canadian sunday night programming-perogies and a ryan gosling thriller. ps. vlad‘s still back. i guess the virgins must have come out in fine form. pause.


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