o amor natural-(dir.)heddy honigmann

when i had that sex column in montrill, one of the ideas that i pitched that was cast aside was “elder sex”. i was told that no one would be interested, but i suspect that the only folks that wouldn’t be interested are those that think that sex will be over for them at some point (clearly, not us horndogs). someone picked it up at the mcgill daily, however, so bigups. they’ve always been the progressive paper (they’re the reason that my mission to stalk sherwin tjia was easy as pie) on the more conservative campus, the reverse of concordia down the way. i’m of the camp that nothing really changes in this world, our focus and access to technology just shifts. for example-more old folks today are testing positive for STIs. does this mean that all of a sudden they’re fucking their brains out? hardly. it’s just that people are (finally) clueing in that STIs and regular checkups are the way to be. just like more men are not being abused by women, but our attitudes around abuse and shame are (s l o w l y) shifting so that folks can speak out (somewhat) freely. anyways, this gem, which is another gift from the library strike, is amazing because of the people who are discovering a different side of a poet that they’ve already loved as a contemporary. the sharing of these poems between partners, friends, and family, as well as the discussion it sparks is truly amazing. also-this documentary is about two hours long, and it took me about an hour and a half to realize that i don’t actually speak portuguese. that’s what a good poet does beyond language, s/he communicates intent. i really don’t understand portuguese with dutch subtitles, so i can’t post a trailer here, but i found this clip of the filmmaker speaking on the difference between people and subjects. bigups.


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