flossy’s rapt-up 2011-12

“..there’s no denying the fact that it’s wrong/you probably got a man who’s probably playing his part, you probably breaking his heart, he trynna figure the reason you gone/is it ‘cuz he’s superficial? or is he too submissive? or did i come along and hit you with the futuristic…”

“so we don’t bother the woman”

DO YOU LIKE THE RAPTORS?! sometimes, adolescent boys are so genuinely excited that it’s hard not to beam. monday night was the last home game i was able to attend this (short and wonky) season. i thought we’d have a chance to extend our winning streak to two after the win over those poor, unfortunate celtics (the ones that we also beat at home earlier and the season and the very same ones that just lost to the knicks). alas and alack, that was not the case, but that didn’t detract from the general bliss that comes from watching a high-paced sport. perhaps i’ve always loved basketball because games are such a compact collection of micro-opportunities for elation and heartbreak. i’ve managed to glean from the four games that i’ve been to this season a) spike lee‘s relationship with his team, b) highlights can never communicate when a team is playing hard all the way through (i was there for the 25-point blowout against washington) and c) like grocery shopping being most efficient when done around the perimeter, live nba games are best when you just pay attention to the game and not all the shenanigans that are happening around you/all the advertising noise. the halftime show has ranged from kardi to naughty by nature to serbian folk dancers, and well, that’s toronto. demar derozan was honoured for his community service for his work getting books to kids, and that just warms my heart. the guys got called for traveling (and both teams were called a lot for 3 in the key, so shaq must really be retired-though my money’s on him to return in hologram) three times, so let’s hope that’s not foreshadowing. to the kanye instrumentals and beyond….see y’all ballers in the fall.


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