i ain’t scared of you-bernie mac

the detroit public library is pretty freakin’ spectacular, but one of my fondest memory of one of the branches i visited was the large framed bernie mac PSA that presided over a magnificent reading room. on that same trip, a laugh was shared in the hotel room over a joke in the reruns of his show. his role in head of state is everything obama needed to be convinced to choose al sharpton as his running mate (sigh-c’mon, you know that woulda been great…). this “prediction” is bittersweet, because of how true it was/is:

“I’m not being foolish. When that time comes, I can ride off into the sunset, me and Rhonda. And feel good about myself, knowing I gave 150%. I’m going out on top.” (88)

RIP to one of the original kings.
bigup to the underground cinema for finding this library book in the pews for me when i dropped it at that jamel shabazz doc presented by undercurrents last week. 51416 had me all excited and things…


One thought on “i ain’t scared of you-bernie mac

  1. the people’s champ:

    “See, man, most grownups ain’t nothin’ but some big ass kids and most kids ain’t nothin’ but some lil’ ass adults. People who call themselves adults be some stupid muh’fuckas a lot of times. You see where the kids get it from-and that’s where the humor comes from. Because you can’t believe this shit!” (43)

    “Fuck the Bulls.
    That fat muh’fucka Reinsdorf broke up one of the best teams ever. They did Phil Jackson wrong. Did Mike wrong. No way Phil should be in Los Angeles, or Michael Jackson a fuckin’ Washington Wizard.
    If I was a young player and the Bulls drafted me, I’d never play for them. Draft me, I’d go back to school on they ass. And if I can’t re-enroll, ni**a, I’ll join the Army.
    Fuck the Bulls.” (54)

    “Every time them white folks go up there on those award shows and get their trophies, they don’t never give thanks to God. Because they think they are God. They have control. They control your destiny. They sit here and they tell you if you live or die. And the blacks believe that. Hispanics and Asians, they ain’t got nothing coming. And if you do get a role, you a ho. You gon’ be a drug dealer. Or you gon’ be a snitch.” (71)

    “You ain’t wearing no draws-how I’m gon’ call you my broad? I don’t like women who are the same. I ain’t gon’ call ‘em a hoochie, but you’re the same. You come a dime a dozen.” (80)

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