les tribulations d’une cassiere-anna sam

“Qui a dit que votre metier de caissiere etait monotone? Ce serait oublier trop vite les clients. Grace a eux, les jours se suivront mais ne se ressembleront pas. Ils ne cesseront jamais de vous surprendre.” (139)

shouts to my manager for bringing the english translation into my life, but the moral of the story is that the language of origin is always better.  bigups to anna sam (1979!) but i think she could’ve hired a much better translator. my apologies for quoting sans accent, that’s the marker of my technology limit at the moment. i’m really glad that i haven’t had to see the caesar salad bitch in person for the past few weeks. may my good luck continue…

Client(qui cherche en bout de caisse des sacs pour ranger ses tomates deja emballees, sa salade deja emballee et ses pommes deja emballees)

Z’avez pas de sac?” (17)

and, point.


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