for truth if not love-dionne farris

r&b singer from my hometown (circa 2008): “yea, it’s really sad that she never released a second album”

me: “is that what you actually think, or did you also read that in VIBE magazine last week (they were loving ‘hopeless’ in 20 questions)?”

“fuck what ya heard, it’s how you deliver the word”

unlike shadi, i’m nothing but great-full for the tweeter this morning. first off-i learned that chris cleave has a new novel, and promptly jumped in the line to hold it from tpl. he’s coming to talk with vincent lam for luminaTO (and nomadic is also performing for the festival whose mandate i’m still understanding).  the countdown is at about 2hrs until i see vincent lam in the red chair, and two days until i see augusten borroughs at harbourfront-holy authors, batman. second, someone tweeted a song from this beauty-full second album by dionne farris that i didn’t know about. so take that to the britney beatboxer that also once played his song with the chorus and melody line “she said…stay with me tonight”. yea, it was dope and all, but he didn’t expect me to know that the pharcyde had already done it on labcab. but back to the lady that had me at wild seed-let’s time travel back to 1996 a minute-i was on a school trip to ashland, oregon and dipped into a used cd store where i purchased the first copy of VIBE that i’d ever seen (coolio, quincy, babyface and stevie on the cover) and dionne farris‘s wild seed, wild flower album. ‘i know’ got a lot of radio play, but i mostly sat on the album until my second year of university (sept 2008, so right after i met the aforementioned singer) when it became the album that i would bump when it was time to do my heavy thinking-so many of my papers (and way too many about spike lee’s bamboozled) were penned to that. so the way i see it-dionne farris deserves partial credit for the degree that i barely earned (scholastically, anyway). more importantly, she has fueled my creative process, and the fact that i named one of my most favorite pieces “thought for food” is a direct indirect homage to her. i’m a firm believer that we find the music that we do exactly when we need it, and this morning was no exception. thank you, miz farris for always being exactly on time. oh-and the david alan grier skit still makes me laugh-every single time.


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