how not to date-judy mcguire

“Paralyzed by fear is a crappy way to go through life and not much fun to date either.” (33)

“You know what I said earlier that stupid was contagious? That was a lie. Depression really is, though. Seriously. Just try to remain chipper hanging out with a partner who not only sees the glass as half empty, but suspects that the liquid bit is filled with a toxic concoction.

And while yes, depression is a serious condition, it is also very treatable. The people I’ve talking about here aren’t willing and/or interested in helping themselves. And these types always want to bring you along for the ride. That whole ‘misery loves company’ myth-not such a myth.” (68)

“The most insidious thing about these types is that they possess the ability to come off as normal, attractive daters, which is how they lure unsuspecting victims like you or I into going out with them in the first place. But scratch lightly at their shallow veneer, and you’ll find a ticking time bomb of misery.” (143)

this one was an impulse grab when i was scanning the shelves at annette street-they’re one of the branches that files non-fiction films in the sections that correspond to their book counterparts (gerrard is another one). i think i also grabbed dark days on this trip, but more about that in another post. it was good for a laugh as i consider my own deficiencies when it comes to personal relationships (i’m great at having acquaintances-i think this is part of the superficial draw of retail) and the changes that i’ve been experiencing in my creative process by going the route of physical arts. actually, fuck it-i picked up this book because i went on a what i thought was a great date, only to have that dismantled for the week following it, and was just completely confused by the whole process and questioning whether i’ve ever been able to read anyone at all. then chuck klosterman (again, more on that in another post) comes along with his whole argument that ralph nader has never had a relationship because he’s too literal suddenly starts to ring a little too true for me. but hey-it’s summer in toronto and i was able to trade woes last night after work over pad thai eaten on the corner with my youngest co-worker last night in leopard print shorts. i’m also listening to q‘s coverage on the south african spear controversy and not changing the channel, so i’m either developing a tolerance for gian (russell peters’ pronounciation) or i know that i can listen/not listen to him enough to actually update my blog. as a bookend, this is as good of a place as any to shoutout george for teaching me about red letter christians, when tony campolo was in his chair, and the tie-in that took a year to james frey, who employed the technique in his stunning interpretation of the rapture. as the stencil on a wall outside the 519 reads, “fear is a disease.”


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