fell in love with a band-chris handyside

“who’s jealous, who’s jealous, who’s jealous of hooves?”

ok, so the real lyric is probably “of who/m?” but the single came out at the height of my obsession with hooves. there’s something that virgos/music manics recognize and salute in each other, and we have a way of subtly encouraging the already raging obsession just enough…so basically, i am interested in the white stripes in solidarity with pete, just as he is the number one supporter of my hoof-y thoughts. apparently, jack didn’t like this book, but control freaks usually don’t like being described in anything but their own words. we may not have a lot in common with folks, but that one teeny thing that does cross over can make all the difference in the world. early on, i read that jack used to go to dearborn to buy tapes-and so did i. some of my best musical memories came from my annual trips to repeat the beat and all the recordings that i made of detroit radio stations so that i could play the hits before they made their slow meander to the canadian west coast. i may never have been exposed to the music that i didn’t know to look for, but luckily i was able to learn by osmosis and CFRO 102.7 came into my life not long after.

“‘John Waters said something like ‘success is doing what you want to how you want to do it,’ said Jack early 2001.‘That’s pretty much where we are and it’s a pretty good place to be. The dream of MTV and playing huge places seems to be like death. If we had a hit with a video that wouldn’t last. It would have to be a one-hit-wonder kind of thing and it wouldn’t be sustainable.’” (122-3)

“It’s a simple formula. Find out where your audience is, go play for them. Make nice with the college deejays and eventually the alternative jocks on mainstream radio will take notice. Play at radio station events. Shake hands. Repeat.” (188)

who (else) can’t live without they radiooooooooooo?


3 thoughts on “fell in love with a band-chris handyside

  1. detroit rock/rapcity:

    “And even now that his band has sold more than a million copies of its record, White’s still not the school’s most well-known alumnus. That’d probably be a toss-up between Motown legend Diana Ross and Lily Tomlin or John DeLorean who once graced the school’s halls. Other Cass Tech grads include David Alan Grier, Ellyn Burstyn, jazz musicia Donald Byrd, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and a list of alumni that reads like a Detroit City Hall honor roll.” (13)

    “As such, they stood out from the pack by making simple assertions and choices. In a drab arena colored by gray ambivalence and nu-metal arena rock mopery, their red and white garb, their little white lies, and their subtle theatrical conceits were magnified.” (111-12)

    “We didn’t want to play in front of the same fifty people cause it’s hard to break out of that mold. It’s hard to break out and still have these people like you.” (116)

    “If Detroit has a doppelganger city-from its both storied and oddball musical lineage to the necessity to drive everywhere, its generally deserted vibe to the chintzy tourist districts that try desperately to lure well-to-dos (i corrected the common and annoying plural/possession error for the writer and/or editor(s) of this book) downtown on weekend nights-it’s Memphis, Tennessee.” (140)

    and third man is in tennessee. but the philly/detroit storySLAM made a great case for the competing cities being sister cities as well.

  2. sisterwife:

    “The quote attributed to George Washington on the inside sleeve of the Stripes’ debut single ‘Let’s Shake Hands’ reads like a band mission statement: ‘We take the stars and the blue union from heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty.’” (45)

    “Band names, like unusual children’s names, are inherently stupid until the members and the music establish the band’s personality. Exhibit A: Led Zeppelin.” (51)

    “Wendy Case, former Detroit journalist, said ‘what he [Jack] did was pare his band down to a very willing, very accommodating drummer, and the rest is up to him, and that was fine with her and him. For those of us who have played in bands, it’s not just about getting out there and rocking, it’s about character management and personal management and trying to create a situation where everyone gets along and it’s a difficult thing to do when you’re a songwriter and you care about what you do because it’s your job to call the shots and everybody’s gotta go along with that. Jack knew that in Meg he had a partner who was going to go along with it and who wasn’t going to give him any shit or tell him the way his songs should be. Se was going to do exactly what he asked. Plus, she’s a beautiful girl. She’s a buxom, hot chick. She’s very quiet and shy and she’s not interested in the spotlight. The fact of the matter is, there couldn’t be a better person sitting in that spot doing what they do because she makes it possible for Jack to do what it is that he needs to do. Don’t you think Jack saw all this before anyone. Even Meg? For him, it’s got to be a complete picture. I don’t think it’s any kind of happy mistake. She’s the perfect person to fill a role that needed to be filled.’” (161-2)

  3. it might get loud:

    “But it wasn’t just about playing louder according to Suchyta, the goal was to make do with what you had and make great art from what was at hand. Chalk that up to their blue-collar background and the fact that both Jack and Dominic firmly believed you could get spoiled by nice gear if it got into unappreciative hands.” (20)

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