renewing my metrotextual vows

“with all their hopes and dramas”

“tired of the same old victims?”

“maybe we’ll be machines.”

and it would seem that i’ve resumed my volunteer work at the library, post musical (i had to take a hiatus in order to attend rehearsals), only to teach a seven-year-old prophet to read. though the real texts were “hopes and dreams” and “tired of the same old vacations?”, there’s no eclipsing the truth(s). this was after i resumed my library adventure, visiting branch #78 albert campbell, the lovely district branch with a delicious wall of dvds. next door, there was an amazing asian supermarket with the best-labelled aisles i’ve seen-a sample: “asian package was next to jamaican stuffs” that’s pretty much my life in a nutshell. but hey-when an adventure can yield the bounty of sorrel, grass jelly, preserved plums, pickled leeks (that remain in a jar that i can’t open, dammit dammit), paying for it by chester brown, and benjamin button (amongst other treasures)-i call that a success. the night prior, i made my return to the writer’s bootcamp, led by the no-half-steppin’ david bester, and it was refreshing if a bit awkward. here are the pieces that i didn’t read aloud to the first prompt, which was the 26 words that occur in the cat in the hat. our task was to write something with only these words:

another book could do fox good/he hops how i jump/know little lots/my new nothing now-oh/our pack picked playthings, ran, saw, shook, shut up so stop/tall/tell them these things tip top/tricks up want what when who wish…

here about here/all cake tame us/always call him lit/funny cat looked out/come shine/hop ship at wet/pink thing, play ball/dish this bed/put something down/mother’s with fan/kicks her strings bow, boxhead.

after this, i hopped on the 511 streetcar to exhibition, and stayed on because the streetcar driver (jennifer) bought us all ice creams, and i got an elusive twist cone. yum. i heart my life. oh, and flossy and toni stanza have been all about the united states of taradiablo cody‘s voice is really starting to come through. btw, my favorite alter is also “buck”.


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