sacha baron cohen-kathleen tracy

from Cambridge to Kazakstan

so it’s no secret that i heart sacha baron cohen/the supreme leader admiral general aladeen/bruno/borat/ali g. i also did not expect to learn much from this unauthorized biography, but i just couldn’t resist its cover. here are a few tasty morsels:

The Mirror’s Jessica Callan reported that for all the carefully planned choreography, there was one thing Baron Cohen didn’t anticipate:

When Sacha arrived dressed as Ali G and attended by six thong-clad babes, his mum, Daniella, rushed over. And, for a few marvelous moments, she punctured his entire act. Eyes down, the embarrassed-looking star mumbled a few words in his natural North London accent before sweeping off to resume his increasingly tiresome Ali posturing.

Making a feature film: $7 million. Throwing a lavish premiere party: $500,000. Having Mum ruin your big entrance: priceless.” (105-6)

“His hygiene was also noticeably worse. Sacha bought Borat’s gray nylon suit back around 1998 for thirty dollars and says, ‘I have never washed it since I got it…and it totally stinks.’
Mazer clarifies: ‘It stinks beyond human recognition. It’s the most disgusting thing you can imagine. When Sacha is Borat, he never washes the night before an interview so he’s a little bit stinky.’ Nor does Borat use deodorant.
So, Baron Cohen says with worrisome glee, whenever he enters a room, ‘there’s immediately this terrible….dreadful Soviet Bloc smell the moment I walk in.’ Sacrificing personal hygiene is simply part of creating a believable character. ‘The smell is an added thing for people to believe that I’m from a country where hygiene isn’t a necessity.’ But Baron Cohen admits that staying in character creates ‘a lot of tension during the day’.” (170)

oh, this would probably change how much i heart borat a wee bit, but it makes me regret the character actor of sacha baron cohen that much more. i recommend borat’s guide to cultural leanings of kazakstan/the US of As as a companion guide.



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