killing yourself to live-chuck klosterman

85% of a true story

“we don’t like seeing you dance, either”

“i punch my writers a lot”

how much control does a man have of himself and/or his legend? due to my participation this week in the rising stars conference and the binge of dvds from the last branch, i’ve had to renew some, purge others, and leave the latest ones on the shelf. as i enjoy soundtrack for a revolution (dir. bill guttentag & dan sturman, executive producer danny glover), i reflect on can’t stop (dir. rodman flender) and the ongoing public/private tension that we all (to varying degrees) grapple with, and wonder exactly how much is too much? why haven’t we figured out better questions to ask writers/performers, why can’t we relate to them in a way that doesn’t involve them trying to sell us a dream (only to resent us afterwards)-it’s like immigration-why come we haven’t figured out yet that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be? how many more generations of folk need to uproot themselves, have their skills devalued, be alienated from their families, and suffer for a bullshit dream before we actually get it?

“Unless you’re Shannon Hoon, dying is the only thing that guarantees a rock star will have a legacy that stretches beyond temporary relevance. Somewhere, at some point, somebody decided that death equals credibility. And I want to figure out why that is. I want to find out why the greatest career move any musician can make is to stop breathing. I want to find out why plane crashes and drug overdoses and shotgun suicides turn long-haired guitar players into messianic prophets. I want to walk the blood-soaked streets of rock ‘n’ roll and chat with the survivors who writhe in the gutters. This notion became my quest. Instead of going to the places where everything happened, I would go to the places where everything stopped. I would get my death on.” (13)

“A genius can be a genius by trying to be a genius; a visionary can only have a vision by accident.” (89)

“I am going to be both brief and vague about all this, and you’ll just have to make up the plot points on your own. Sometimes your fiction needs to be somebody else’s fact.” (167)

i think i’m finally ready to try some of klosterman‘s fiction fiction, i’ve put deon cole on my list of folks to check out further, and i’ve got my fingers crossed that there will still be a ticket for me to kevin hart this evening.


One thought on “killing yourself to live-chuck klosterman

  1. “chaka khan is not an icon”-aka-i love my young gay boyfriend but dammit he says some things that give me shingles sometimes:

    “It gets worse because Diane’s inability to love me makes me love her more. Without a doubt, not loving me is the most alluring thing Diane (or any other woman) can do. Nothing makes me love Diane as much as her constant rejection of my heartfelt advances. This is compounded by Diane’s own insecurities; the fact that she can reject me time after time is what she finds most endearing. She knows I will never give up. She could hate me and I would love her anyway.” (21)

    “There is a new song on Top 40 radio right now that’s so good I want to kill myself. I’m not sure why exceptionally good hip-hop singles make me want to commit suicide, but they often do. I don’t know what the title of this song is, but it’s that religious woman with the perfect stomach from Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z doing a duet featuring a horn riff from the ‘70s that I’ve never heard before (but that sounds completely familiar), and the chorus is something along the lines of, ‘Your love is driving me crazy right now/I’m kind of hoping you’ll page me right now.’ It’s also possible that Jay-Z compares himself to Golden State Warriors guard Nick Van Exel during the last verse, but I can’t be positive.” (49)

    “Those murders marked the height of the rap war between East Coast and West Coast, and conspiracy theorists continue to intertwine the two murders. Rock magazines will run retrospective stories about the impact of these two killings for the next five decades, partially because they’re culturally significant but primarily because most white rock critics feel extremely ashamed about not being black.” (76)

    “I understand everything that is happening in Manhattan…but everybody who’s actually there remains completely clueless as to why there is no electricity. I know that the power is expected to return tomorrow afternoon; they have no idea if this will last a day or a week or a year. It’s like looking down from heaven and watching all the mortals majoring in philosophy.” (203)

    “As soon as I turned the ignition key back, I heard the song ‘Something in the Way.’ That’s when I knew it was true, because the Edge would have never fucking played that song otherwise. It wasn’t even a single.” (222)

    he did, however, force me to go to cruise and tango and see richard-a well-maintained white gay nearing middle-age rocking a lowcut mickey mouse tanktop fucking KILL his own renditions of ‘buffalo stance’ and salt n’ peppa’s ‘express yourself’ so you really never know where inspiration will come from.

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