the revolution will be accessorized-ed. aaron hicklin

“The revolution did indeed come. It’s just that it was a revolution not of politics, but of style. Any democratic presidential candidate who’s scratching his head wondering why the lower and working classes continually vote against their economic interests would do well to visit a Target store. Target, as most of us now know, is less a store than a phenomenon. It is what makes the poor really invisible. It makes them look just like the rich. In fact, at Target the poor shop right alongside the rich.” (5-6, L.A. Bourgeois by Meghan Daum)

“What California is and, more important, what Los Angeles represents to the vast majority of its residents, is an exhilarating merger of middle-class values and upper-class aesthetics. If Target were a city of eight million it would be Los Angeles, a place where ambition is expressed through appearance and form trumps function any day of the week.” (11, L.A. Bourgeois by Meghan Daum)

“With bourgeois sprinkled so evenly throughout the atmosphere, descending upon every man, woman, and child like ashes from the wild fires, the democracy of design can give us the illusion of real democracy.” (12, L.A. Bourgeois by Meghan Daum)

and, just like that, i have a new writer crush. i think it was a search for jonathan ames that yielded this selection of the library’s collection, but it is the gathering of so many other of my favorites-palahniuk, augusten, etc. etc. that has led me to meghan daum’s literary doorstep, and it is hers that waits for me on the shelf at annette. i had a few copies of black book in my day (if you feel like scrolling back a million pages, they’re amongst my collection circulated in the montreal metro), but i don’t think i understood the magnitude to which it was the smart and stylish peoples’ magazine-i guess i was reading these writers by osmosis before i was reading them on purpose, and i’ma head back to the stand to see if this one rests in print. full c i r c l e.

“We may be ‘dripping in ink’ (Naomi Klein again), but gloss and substance are not mutually exclusive. Like Joan Didion’s conversation with Meghan Daum, which covers the gamut from the Iraq war to buying a winter coat on Conde Nast wages, we like to mix it up.” (viii, Jay McInerney)

but unlike your average mashup dj, it’s gotta be a mix that makes sense, conveys reflection pre-selection, and privileges thought. just sayin’.


One thought on “the revolution will be accessorized-ed. aaron hicklin

  1. writerly:

    “My mother was going to become a famous writer. But she did not. Instead, I became a writer. In my determination to be nothing like her, I became exactly what she wanted to be. I became my mother. As a drunk, I became my father. I became the union of the two. Utterly, entirely, their son.” (83, Augusten Borroughs, Santa Shrink)

    my dad is a poet. and a singer. well, he was-until he gave up his dreams. he’s been miserable ever since.

    “Damien Hirst:I do think painting’s been mother-fucked by photography and images and stuff like that, but now that images have been air-brushed people have gone back to painting. It’s the only kind of imagery that makes any attempt at honesty.” (118, 24-Hour Party People: Irvine Welsch Meets Damien Hirst)

    “The awful truth is: You do feel slightly superior to your alcohol-sodden friends. It’s difficult not to when they’re singing along to ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ or trying to uproot a stop sign. Even if they’re not making complete fools of themselves, they’re just not as interesting as they are when they’re sober. It’s hard to laugh at an anecdote when you’re hearing it for the fourth time.” (137 Demon Club Soda, Toby Young)

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