#80-taylor memorial branch-bday

“no, we can save the paper for you”

i’ve just now realized that this library tour has stretched out so long that its titles are probably read as “hashtag eighty”, but no-it’s just the regular old number sign. (sigh). notations rendered obsolete. huh. this will be filed under things to think about, like “bleeding by example” or “emote control”-which was wrong usage by the warmup guy for over the rainbow (heartwrenching to watch live, btw). i don’t know what it is about musical theatre that always gets my goat. i’ve been late on the bloggery, but since i’m finally watching through the binge of dvds that i selected from this branch (whose collection is enriched by its patrons’ donations) and am planning my next branches on monday. what the hell-it was my birthday. i got everything from cradle 2 the grave to lyme life (igby bulked up) to desperate living to the new york city ballet workout. i love the journey and the fresh eyes of a new curator. this branch also has lovely staff that can appreciate a little hat and a beauty-full terrace. it was part of a lovely celebration overall that seems to keep going-a mother and daughter virgo team took me for cake that turned into breakfast for dinner this afternoon and last week, a pregnant couple rushed to the store before 8pm to thrust their tickets to the TIFF gala premiere of twice born at me because “no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll be ready for the gala straight from work”. i also got to share a stage with rose, get a portrait of dubious quality with the ladies that orbit around samurai bambi, and fed su macaroons from nadege. next stop-agincourt and bridlewood.


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