#82-marydale-october 12, 2012

“Donald was a juice box with a terrible attitude.”

and, done. i was hooked from this first line of highly inappropriate tales for young people by douglas coupland (his best work yet) and graham roumieu (bigfoot forever!), though the jury’s out on whether it was the text or the drawing of the breakdown of donald’s contents (a little bit of juice, a little bit of added sugars, and 85% PURE EVIL). this book is a true canadian treasure of a collaboration and my stumbling upon it in this darling branch that is also found in a mall is the reason that i’m visiting all these libraries. i usually can’t resist the dvd collections, and this one was no exception, though because i didn’t have a lot of books/holds on my home shelf, i decided to stroll the fiction aisles alphabetically and walked away with this gem, last year’s OLA evergreen winner emma donahue’s room, and where we have to go by lauren kirshner. this visit was a request by the lovely lady kansas, who came to meet me and take me back to his apartment for carbs and songs, as well as to show off his hand-made latest armadillo shoes. my heart was warmed by the talent and love that is toronto, and this sentiment continued that night at theatre passe-muraille, as i volunteered as an usher (recruited from the performance that i did there last month) for the cn tower show-a show about loving toronto and forced participation (from which we received a two-minute portrait of dubious quality done by one of the stars). the best was running into belladonna, a spirit i’ve encountered about five times over the past decade at exactly the right time. this night, she took my breath away flinging me around the “dancefloor” and dipping me. i heart toronto.


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