bright shiny morning-james frey

during my mandated four day weekend from work last week, i didn’t set my alarm, but woke up naturally by 8:30 every morning (that’s sleeping in). because my bedroom is in the back, it’s dark enough to sleep peacefully, but because i don’t have a door, i woke to see the gorgeous sunlight in my front room at a time when i’m not usually around to enjoy it. not the case last week, when i just moved from my bed to my reading chair, and this was the one that i devoured during the break. i don’t care what anyone says, i love james frey‘s style, the way he shirks the rules of punctuation, and how effortlessly he moves between writing non-fiction and fiction. yea, yea, one could make the argument that that was the crux of all of his troubles, but i don’t care-as far as i’m concerned-all he writes is truth. he may have lost some but he just won me. every single time. i think i’ve read through his canon by now, but i look forward to what comes next…

“It is illegal in the City of Los Angeles to hunt for moths beneath the arc of a streetlight.” (387)

“There are more support groups in Los Angeles for the victims of UFO abduction than in the rest of the country combined.” (388)

“The world’s first video graveyard, where TV screens play videos of the people buried beneath them twenty-four hours a day, every day for eternity, is in Los Angeles.” (388)

“Whatever the level of success, whether they are fluffers (women who, off camera, keep the male actors erect between shots), anal specialists, golden shower girls, toesuckers or world-famous brand-name porno superstars, they come reading willing and able, year after year after year, to a city that welcomes them, loves them, uses them, sells them, year after year, they come.” (358-9)

LA, LA, big city of dreams-but everything in LA ain’t always what it seems.

One thought on “bright shiny morning-james frey

  1. regulators-mount up:

    “There ain’t no democracy, and there ain’t no revolution. The one time there tried to be a revolution, I took the revolutionator and picked him up by the back of his pants and literally tossed him in the street. That’s how it goes here. That’s the way it is. You understand me?” (280)

    “There is little the police, or anyone, can do about it. Arrest one and there are ten more, twenty more, fifty more. Lock one up and the vacuum, if there was one, is immediately filled. Put one in prison and they fuse into the parallel organization that they have there, that controls most of California’s prisons. The leaders are protected, literally and figuratively, by everyone below them, and can also be immediately replaced. The command structure was built to resemble the ones used by military organizations, which are designed to sustain damage and persevere through adversity. When asked recently what he planned to do about the group, and elected city official laughed said-I might join them if this gig doesn’t work out. When he was asked what he planned to do to try and control them he stared straight ahead and said-Nothing. There is nothing I can do. The war with them is over and they won. There’s nothing I can do.” (213-4)

    “She speaks, because she doesn’t know him, she uses a Mexican accent.” (151)

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