room-emma donoghue

my adjustment to the fact that i will probably not get any time off that resembles a vacation for the remaining duration of time spent at my current job (yes, i have a firm end date) is to have a weekend every week. i’ve shied away from it in the past because i haven’t trusted myself to manage my time effectively enough, but for the sake of my sanity, i’ve decided to just roll with it. i did my ten goals for the next ten months today, and i’m fairly satisfied with what all i’ve accomplished during my first monday/tuesday “weekend”. it’s ironic that the last “event” (that i’ve understood it) at the toronto women’s book store was yet another opportunity to witness folks jammed into the treasured space to the point that we were all uncomfortably sweating and spilling out into the street, but the shop is indeed closing-for the last time, at the end of november. (sigh). prior to that, i attended the annette-runnymede joint effort to celebrate this year’s evergreen book list, and i have to shoutout pam and helen, the branch heads responsible for bringing it together. who doesn’t love conversations about books, free books, delicious cake and fruit? we overwhelmingly voted for the far side of the sky, but the other votes will be counted. i cannot gush enough about this librarian-curated list, and i’ve started reading through all of the other selections starting with this one-last year’s winner. it wasn’t as good as anything on this year’s list, but some interesting choices were made around perspective.

“When she’s gone Ma reads me the rabbit one, he’s a Peter but not the Saint. He wears old-fashioned clothes and gets chased by a gardener, I don’t know why he bothers swiping vegetables. Swiping’s bad but it I was a swiper I’d swipe good stuff like cars and chocolates. It’s not a very excellent book but it’s excellent to have so many new ones. In Room I had five but now it’s plus five, that equals ten. Actually I don’t have the old five books now so I guess I just have the new five. The ones in Room, maybe they don’t belong to anyone anymore.” (255)

oh, and leave it to the librarians to give us the list of this year’s “almosts” that were just out of the running. apparently choosing the books means reading over 300 titles-this sounds like a dream come true…..


One thought on “room-emma donoghue

  1. bubble boy:

    “Outside has everything. Whenever I think of a thing now like skis or fireworks or islands or elevators or yoyos, I have to remember they’re real, they’re actually happening in Outside all together. It makes my head tired. And people too, firefighters teachers burglars babies saints soccer players and all sorts, they’re all really in Outside. I’m not there, though, me and Ma, we’re the only ones not there. Are we still real?” (90)

    “I didn’t know she prays for things in her head where I can’t hear.” (115)

    “I think /buddy/ is man talk for /sweetie/.” (309)

    “Lots of the world seems to be a repeat.” (377)

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