not becoming my mother-ruth reichl

“My grandmother had tried to turn her daughter into a carbon copy of herself. That had not worked out well. And so my mother did the opposite: Instead of holding herself up as a model to be emulated, she led by negative example, repeating ‘I am a failure’ over and over, as if it were a mantra. ‘I am ridiculous. Don’t be like me. Don’t be like
    I can hardly imagine how excruciating that must have been. Parents yearn for their children’s respect; most of us want it more than anything else on earth. And yet my mother deliberately sabotaged my respect and emphasized her failings. She loved me enough to make me love her less. She wanted to make sure I would not follow in her footsteps.
        It was an enormous sacrifice. She made it willingly. And I never even thanked her.” (82-83)

and now, samurai bambi is here. she didn’t make it for 12/12/12, but she’s beauty-full all the same. thank you, babygirl, for making me a short-distance tita for the first time. my computer’s been on the fritz for about a week, and i’ve been reading more before bed (and breaking my ass in cross-fit). this was a quick yet timely one, as we consider that parents are people too. and some of our best friends are becoming them like it’s going out of fashion. scratch that-some of our best friends are going to make the best damn parents that we never knew. and the rest of us will answer the phone at 3am to come and try to help out. thanks to the kind technician at the zoo that is the apple store, i now have a monitor hooked up to my wee little laptop and i’ve been watching entourage for hours now (shoutout to all the former freaks and geeks in season three). strangely enough, the computer has been working for the longest without a blackout it has been in a minute. go figure.


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