the sisters brothers-patrick dewitt

“why jamie foxx?”

“That is to say, nine beavers in a line on the sand. There was something decorative about this, but also ominous or forbidding. They lay on their bellies, their eyes closed, with the leader in the center, slightly ahead of the others. I did not like to think of the group emerging silently from the waters, marching toward me and my brother as we slept. Did they have it in their beaver minds to swarm and attack us? To ruin us just as we had them with our evil man-made concoctions? Thankfully, I would never know the answer to this.” (288-9)

i’ve been hearing good things about the sisters brothers for close to a year now. i’m glad that i got to it now, just in time to celebrate the mass of the christ in the theatre with django. i knew that tarantino has that whiny little voice, but it was something else to hear it live. it was nice to hear his motivations when it comes to race from the horse’s mouth, but he still doesn’t get a pass for the way that he chooses to do it. i’m looking forward to this, along with the project starring miz badu and michael k. williams. i’m also still looking for a replacement pair of red cowboy boots, by the by.

“‘You are afraid of hell. But that’s all religion is, really. Fear of a place we’d rather not be, and where there’s no such a thing as suicide to steal us away.’” (258-9)

also, we’re just under 8 minutes away from a four-game winning streak. to all you non-believers-pshaaaw. i’m prepared to stick with the team at least as long as spike has stuck by his.


2 thoughts on “the sisters brothers-patrick dewitt

  1. (perfect) one-liners:

    “It occurred to me that I had crossed the threshold for a horse I did not want but Charlie had not done the same for his own flesh and blood. A life of ups and downs, I thought.” (42)

    “The creak of bed springs suffering under the weight of a restless man is as lonely a sound as I know.” (53)

    “He only wished to fight and cultivate an anger toward me, thus alleviating his guilt, but I would not abet him in this.” (61)

    “He was an unattractive creature with his clothes on; in the nude I thought he looked something like a goat.” (113)

    “Now we were three men eating peanuts and standing in a triangle.” (209)

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