happy metrotextual new year!

“if we wanted fanfare, we would’ve joined the circus”

“do sex, who are you, borat?”

“you say more inappropriate things than appropriate ones”

so, we’re almost a week late, have decided that this newly renovated branch (brentwood) will be our office, and have gone back to the movies-literally. the holidaze begat the first generation of my fabric pigs-the holiday orphans, a collection that culminated in a giant pig to welcome a special child and the remaining pigs all adopted into a wonder-full family. my second generation is the creation of a lineage of single parents. a scramble across all of the technology that i own led to a return to future shop of the monitor that was a bandaid fix (that money allowed me to purchase a newly more expensive bus pass) and the burial of my first laptop. i decided not to get a tablet (thanks, chi 4 for sending me some money that i will apply to a laptop at some point) and am enjoying the clear desk. i saw four movies in the space of a week (django, this is 40, the silver lining playbook, and argo). i have noticed that movies are getting long again, folks are going to the movies, and it is no longer the custom to shut the fuck up whilst watching movies. this is encouraging to quell the voices that chatter about books becoming obsolete-if it hasn’t worked yet for movies or music, the ancient form of bound book is here to stay! i’m going to revamp the look and content of this blog, do my taxes (i know, i know), sew so many damn pigs i may give myself carpal tunnel, and actually write the book that i’ve been dreaming of. yep. i said it on the innernets, so that makes it real. all in the 28minute sessions that these express stations allow here at the toronto public library. here we go…..


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