first run-in with the favorite in 2013

“didn’t i ask you for a booklist three years ago? i have now see you do one for george and for jian so what-if i’m not a dood that works for the cbc, i get no book love from you?”

“that’s right. those are my two stipulations to talk about books. no-you want life changing books? the brothers karamazovtolstoy’s confessions…”

“like usher’s confessions

“well, both have been so influential in shaping my life..”

“you should do a compare and contrast. boom. concept album. right there. for free.”

this is why i never pass up the opportunity for a drive-by hug headlock with my favorite rapper. i missed his speechifying at city hall, but mo’rice did talk at me about the upcoming slow jam tax that he’s been discussing with rob ford. that and how he has a crush on the girl chipmunk who liked theodore and something about lauryn being back for real if she was actually kicking it with his mom on her pig farm in rwanda.

“i wish i could talk to lauryn, i mean, miss hill”


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