my team

“the raptors are all tongue, no dick”

and while i’m actually cool with that, i would disagree as of late. how much do i love that kids are running around with “GAY 22” jerseys on their backs? the other night, when i was late to the game (and missing the solange concert all together grumble grumble) and told some bullshit that the game was sold out (i always see empty seats, pshaaw). i actually stood my post-rehearsal at NBS sweaty self in front of the tv just outside the ACC. yep-i’m that fan. i’m the fan that gets beligerent when folks get up from their chairs nine times to buy $17 coors lights to drink in sippy cups. listen-the silver bullet was never meant to be a premium beer, and your are dumb for having to crawl over my lap because you gotta pee. i’m the one that judges you for coming late, leaving early-yep. i’m that girl. so i was actually quite annoyed at folks that were leaving the game that i couldn’t get in just to stand outside and watch the game with me. yo-you can give me your muthafuckin’ ticket if you’re gonna be a fairweather fan. it wasn’t a blowout, it was an electrifying game-why come you wanna leave, losers? anyways, that’s my rant.

this is my team. i love it.


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