shoplifting at american apparel-tao lin

“i give a fuck what kind of brand you are/ i’m concerned what kind of man you are/ what your principles and standards are/you understand me y’all?”

there’s something to be said about being lent something that a loved one never cares to get back. this pocket book is an interesting experiment in style, punctuation, and media cross-literacy. was it a success? i’m not sure, but then, i’m not sure i’m the best judge of this. i appreciate the effort, but it didn’t quite move me. but there are definitely some high points, like the notion of “fair-trade labour” at american apparel, working in the organic food industry in a gentrifying neighborhood-this resounded with me. also, “chopin is emo” his amazing and brilliant. i may be in the exact mindstate to receive the message of the new danger-so “never say never, because then you said never twice”. no waiting until 1am in a bus depot on the way to spend three magical days of unreality in detroit this time.

“be good to your family y’all, no matter where your families are…”


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