black comedians on black comedy-darryl littleton

this is a big book. it’s part of the library collection that i didn’t know existed until it showed up as an option to put on hold (i believe i was looking up kevin hart, whose twitter feed keeps me up to date on all the chris brown/rihanna drama-thanks, terrence ross for that…) and my favorite piece was the following insight offered up by arsenio hall:

“She did her thing, little white girl, y’know-dyke, straight up, but bottom line is giving everybody a shot. I didn’t go and watch that lesbian fuck her girlfriend after the show and I didn’t go have a bean casserole with Minister Farrakhan. I did what I do and the bottom line is what I don’t do is interview everybody BUT Farrakhan. And I don’t do what I’m supposed to do to be loved because I think it’s more interesting to bring you good television than strive to be loved by everybody.” (21) <- i'm feeling like that's the wrong page citation, it might have been 201..oh well, i dropped that book off this morning, oops.

he also had a great answer when it comes to why he had no successor-the fact that Vibe, The Magic Hour, and Keenan all dropped at the same time split the audience and none of them was strong enough to sustain themselves. ah, vote splitting-the crux of every democracy. there’s something to be said about not being greedy and letting the strongest one pave the way, but what about when you let the dynamo take the spotlight on the first track of your album? do you get props for being man enough to share with someone who is better than you (better than most)? or is it just a gamble that you hope to win some trickle-down shine from?

for the record-i’ma wreck it…



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