hotel at the corner of bitter and sweet-jamie ford

“like so many things Henry had wanted in life-like his father, his marriage, his life-it had arrived a little damaged. Imperfect. But he didn’t care, this was all he’d wanted. Something to hope for, and he’d found it. It didn’t matter what condition it was in.” (142)

well. i’m all for being open to life as it happens, but sometimes you gotta be specific, or the random will take over. i’m loving the fact that i’m attracting souls that seem to have come out of nowhere that i must have known in a past life. perhaps the best representation of this is coming through my earphones right now, both courtesy of a podcast that i’ve mostly deleted for the past three years. this one confuses me-i mean, i thought you were all about inspiring young girls, bey? “bow down, bitches?” are you feeling feelings because your little sister is blowing up? meanwhile, your husband is good but still getting beat by the best-the kid can’t be stopped.

“That was the true key to success in life, Henry thought-consistency.” (38)

unless you’re black thought-who has somehow diminished himself with his own consistent greatness. all those great albums and knowing everyone else’s lyrics on tour overshadow the standouts. that’s the point, right? if they’re all standouts, what stands out? i mean, for every great nas track, there’s one like this (which is great in its own right, but…)

uh huh.


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