the value of nothing-raj patel

“The beneficial effects are greater among lower-income communities than higher-income ones, because giving money to people who already have a lot of it won’t make them spend more, whereas giving money to those who have none means that the cash will be spent immediately. This is why a tax cut for the rich is an absurd idea (according to one economist making the Bush tax cuts permanent has a multiplier effect of 0.23), while one of the most effective ways for the US government to stimulate the economy is through food stamps (with a multiplier effect of 1.73) (73)

once again, it’s down to a competition for resources. shoutout to everyone who had a hand in pulling together and executing the edition of concordia’s slang rap democracy that went down this evening. i believe that was the most affirming thing that i’ve had the honour of participating in thus far in this life. shouts to our ringleader and inspiration-tali tal and mad love the the ladies that help represent not only in form but in content-thank y’all and it’s not over. mtl legend nik brovkin has been pig pinned, and lynn and i bookended the evening by kicking our rhymes to each other up st-lo (thanks to tali for the coat) and dropping in on sim spinning puffy and nas-yep, we were getting nice to every single word.

“Artificially low prices are the consumers’ dividend from this system of profit taking, which has given us clothes that are cheaper to buy than clean and phones that are cheaper to replace than repair. It is through these ‘bargains’ that we are conscripted into modern consumer capitalism.” (50)

i appreciate this one from the national treasure that is raj patel. i love the attention paid to the zapatistas and the commitment that that movement has been and just how long it has taken to reap any rewards, but just how worth it those rewards have been. we’re talking systemic change in governments, peoples-that takes conflict, effort, and time. we need to get over this right right now shit. i love the point about how population control has nothing to do with food distribution or hunger, just like monogamous relationships are not (always) the answer to love’s questions and the nonsense that is the expectation of impeccable customer service that nobody wants to pay for or even participate in-we all know by now that “the customer is not always right”, right? it’s the systems that are broken, not the people, and the sooner we acknowledge that and figure out ways around it, we’ll all be better off.

and one of the most insight-full statements of the night was “there’s no unity because we don’t need each other any more” and although it might seem that way-we really need each other more than ever. the irony is that we seem to have less and less outlets at a time that our art is getting better and better and our access to technology and each other’s lives seems to be at an all-time high, but the positive is that we’ve always created best out of a lack so there’s a lot of potential to be realized yet….

“all i want is more bread”

“i break bread with heads that be holding me down”

montrill, i see ya-thanks for showing yourself.


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