writing the revolution-michele landsberg

“hey sister-am i good enough for your heaven?”

“you’d make a great cybrarian”

i finally got to this one after making a note of it last fall at the toronto book awards hosted by matt galloway (i mean, who loves toronto and/or books more than that man?) what a legacy michele landsberg is creating, all because she’s not trying to leave a legacy, she’s just doing the work. these are our heroes. i’m glad to read the columns curated in this collection, and proud to announce that i am the winner of the top volunteer prize in the leading to reading program this year. the most special part was the excited phone call i got from my branch head who received the inter-office memo and couldn’t contain herself, calling me before i got to the program today. i tried to act surprised, but spilled the beans that i already knew to my also excited site monitor. i’m feeling the blessings all around lately-from the library, from all my mamas and their babies, and the new love that is all my very own.

“Gradually, that stalled snowball melted into little rivulets, streams, and brooks, trickling into and infiltrating every aspect of society. Feminist achievements became so much part of the mainstream that the movement seemed to dissipate.” (35)

“The pity is that women feel they have to square off and attack each other’s choices instead of wryly admitting to each other that there are at least 15 sides to this home-or-job dilemma.” (50)

“The most successful children in school are those whose teachers respect them, listen to them, involve them in planning and rulemaking, and treat them as worthy human beings.
The whiners, the obnoxious kids, the sullen little despoilers…maybe they’re the ones with self-absorbed parents who didn’t try hard enough, who veered sloppily between emotional neglect and angry attempts at control.” (189)

all of this is support for my position as community parent, but i’m seriously considering breeding with the unicorn, since he asked me “in three years”. i guess somebody’s gotta make a girl for this family-and she’s gonna be flossy as all hell and make sure her boy cousins grow up to be standup guys.

“Start now. What bedtime story are you going to read to your little girl tonight? Will it end with marriage as a ‘happily ever after’? And what will you teach your son about how to be a man?” (161)

“categorize me, i defy every label”

i haven’t been this obsessed with a video since this. can’t shake the lauryn shiver.


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