nba finals 2013

“brother you lame, you shane battier”

the last NBA finals that i participated in where i didn’t care for either team was houston vs. new york, and i only tuned in to game seven out of boredom. little did i know that the entire thing would be pre-empted due to a certain white bronco racing down the highway. this year is infinitely better, as i’ve got my ride or die magical unicorn by my spectating side and mama hiphop just a text by text away. it’s something, though, to hate tony parker’s face and be so bored by san antonio’s general presentation short of them hot shooting boys behind the 3-point line and so disgusted by miami‘s general unsportsmanlike style-it’s nothing blatant, just some sour looks and dangling mouthguards that kind of ruin the mood. i mean, it just doesn’t seem like anyone’s having any fun. and they should be having fun-they’re in the nba finals. but then, they should also be making a few more free throws. (sigh).

the inspiration of this post is what seems to be the fact of this moment in rap as the one where the young boys are looking pretty grown. i’m sure it’s the turning point of situation between the old and young of our musics where i was feeling pretty old a decade back when i started not to get the music, or feeling pretty young two decades back when i really was too young to get the music (i see how public enemy was key to some folk, but i really didn’t have the life experience to understand). but now-it feels just right and youngbloods like j cole and kendrick lamar are really leading the charge. and specifically, it’s the basketball world situational tracks that are doing it for me.

“cuz every basket was a reaction or a reminder”

“but, you’ll never play me like LeBron vs. Jordan/twenty eyars, wonder who they gon’ say was more important/both changed the game, came through and made a lane/who’s to say that who’s greater, all we know-they ain’t the same”

the most brilliant song on the album and the title track-too bad it’s the only one he didn’t write because it’s the one that he did so right.


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