stop dressing your six-year-old like a skank-celia rivenbark

“you’re like a wooly mammoth”

i picked this on up on a whim at the pape branch a few months back. even though i had a big pile of books at home (when do i not?), i succumbed to meeting a few in person-i mean, you gotta keep your relationship fresh, right? admittedly, the cover and title of this one won me over. it was a quick read that was a nice follow up to the first caitlin moran (bloggery forthcoming) and this post has led me down a foxhole of toddlers and tiaras-(sigh). it’s moments like this that i’m great-full for the decision that i made almost fifteen years ago not to have television in my home, but i wonder if it just made me more succeptible to the power of flashy adverts to sink their hooks in my brain. i think that kiddie pornographic vision has been laying dormant in my brain and i’m secretly glad for the opportunity to discuss it.

“Look, martyrdom’s overrated. If you resent it, stop the hell doing it.” (87)

but oh, my eyes.

“I think it’s hilarious that the only damn time Hollywood celebrities don’t do drugs is when they’re giving birth. What’s wrong with this picture?” (100)

and then sometimes, they just come up with brilliance like this.

jonbenet ramsey surely died in vain.


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