what moves at the margin-toni morrison

“we rock the boat #poseidon”

“Great works are written in prisons and holding camps. So are stupid books. The misery does not validate the work.” (162-3)

“The problem comes when you find harangue passing off as art. It seems to me that the best art is political and you ought to make it unquestionably political and irrevocably beautiful at the same time.” (64)

“When the strength of a people rests on its beauty, when the focus is on how one looks rather than what one is, we are in trouble.” (41)

i think this was in the same pile as the last one. the back shelf of the pape branch (by the washroom upstairs) dedicated to writers and ideas is a goldmine. i’m inspired to write about this one on the day that i finally finished the tome that is the price of the ticket (bloggery forthcoming), the one that i took to all three loan periods and still sent back overdue. although it prompted within me the understanding of why people would choose e-readers (speaking of which-anyone know anyone looking to buy an e-reader?), i’m glad that i lugged it around for damn near two months. as i read the last word a few hours back, i did sigh and have a moment of reflection on how brilliant baldwin is/was, because we really do live on in our words. i’ve read the fire next time, but i don’t remember reading any other non-fiction texts that the man wrote, and in this vein-i don’t remember reading morrison in non-fiction, except for that bill clinton black president article that my dic(k)tator of a prof in american literature brought to our attention in first year. it’s always nice to be blessed with the knowledge that there exist writers so clear and power-full that their work transcends non/fiction, and i’m inspired.

“No one knew your weight until you left them to carry their own. But you knew.” (32)

“We die. That might be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” (203)

damn, write.


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