fraud-david rakoff

“It bears repeating a third time: not being funny doesn’t make you a bad person. Not having a sense of humor does.” (106)

“i got the mayor on my pager”

wait-he’s got a pager? i guess this is more probable than him being basquiat, a statement that jay-z makes at least thrice on his most recent terrible album. also, the metaphor of beyonce as “modern day mona lisa” is just as puzzling. i’m not sure what’s happening to ye-z, but unlike the outkast breakup-they’re not handling it well as separate entities. maybe it’s because they were never officially married-the atl couple was clearly just sleeping in separate rooms for the kids, but they had their own shit. these two are just floundering about musically like gay fish out of water. even though i haven’t always agreed with mister west, i’ve never felt (until now) that he’s ever released an incomplete idea. yeezus is about 40 minutes long and after six, we were both checking the time. i guess i’ve always wondered what epilepsy sounds like…well, hey-i think white people like both these albums-that’s always good for the pocket book.

“I have come to hate these Timberlands with a fervor I usually reserve for people. Just think, the shoes I wouldn’t be caught dead in might actually turn out to be the shoes I am caught dead in.” (1)

the first page of the david rakoff book sets the tone the way that i wish any of the tracks on either yeezus or magna carta would’ve. (sigh). once again, cole stays winning:

“i’ma drop my album the same day as kanye, just to show the boyz i’m man now like wanya”

and another one…


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