indian horse-richard wagamese

“I discovered that being someone you are not is often easier than living with the person you are.” (181)

this one’s straight from the form i filled out for the evergreen summer reading list (thanks again, OLA):

“Leave it to Wagamese to artfully weave together these important Canadian stories. He’s so blessed with the power to tell hard truths so poignantly without ever being preachy. The lingering effect of our country’s founding fabric of residential schools continues to contribute many unravelling threads today, and the reality of exclusion in our ‘national’ sport serves as an appropriate microcosm of the spirit of exclusion of our ‘nation’. Another winner for the writer that I simultaneously savour and devour. Thank you.”

ok, so it’s not exactly the same as the paper copy that hangs on the wall in my library. sue me, i edited. it’s only what i do.

also, shouts to carol huynh for picking it last canada reads. impeccable taste, my sister.


One thought on “indian horse-richard wagamese

  1. and a few more quotes: “I read once that there are holes in the universe that swallow all light, all bodies. St.Jerome’s took all the light from my world.” (43)

    “The Indian Yard. That’s what the kids called it. Row on row of unmarked graves. Row on row of four and five-foot indentations like a finger from Heaven had pressed them down. Dips in the earth. Holes they fell into.” (50)

    “They called it a school, but it was never that. Most of our days were spent in labour…They were no grades or examinations. The only test was our ability to endure.” (79)

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