imagine by jonah lehrer

“so we better develop this like a photograph/i repel whatever they tell you will hold you is gonna hold you back”

“They young know less, which is why they often invent more.” (123)

this one made it onto my “to read” list more than once, which is not to say that it was a particular highlight. i remember telling the dentist its title and subject and her asking, “is it about john lennon?” perhaps the controversy of invented bob dylan quotes is more interesting than the book itself, or:

“The power of dissent is really about the power of surprise. After hearing someone shout out an errant answer-red is called pink-you start to reassess your initial assumptions. You try to understand the strange reply, which leads you to think about the problem from a new perspective. And so your comfortable associations get left behind. The imagination has been stretched by an encounter you did not expect.” (163)

i enjoyed the reinforcement of unstructured play’s importance in creativity, the articulation of the fact that ideas, unlike consumer goods, gain value when shared, and feel that it could be extrapolated (by someone looking for a thesis topic) into the success of musicians on the internet in the ’90s. finally, it takes a lot to acknowledge the necessary difficulties of meltdowns and the beauty of growing through travel.

“When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our minds has been changed, and that changes everything.” (130)

i made a note to link to tumi and kamau’s “up” for this blog, but i can’t find it-nehal-help? since it was recorded in your garage? this failure led me to find the leading track featuring tumi off the top, and i will close with my favourite by this city’s finest.

“Unless poets are stumped by the form, unless they are forced to look beyond the obvious associations, they’ll never invent on an original lane.” (23)

(with love) on our side


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