don’t get too comfortable by david rackoff

“hiphop is changing, y’all want me to stay the same? sorta like barkley on how i see the game”

i figured i’d finish the rackoff cannon as considered by flossy by linking the following quote on the ethics of plastic surgery (vs. The Swan) that stood out for me and the above quote on evolution by common from the slept-on straight-up ridiculed by everyone including the artist electric circus.

“The fellow may have been focussing on the wrong feature, but at least he wanted something. There is a reason that both Fisher and Ellenbogen were so reluctant to suggest procedures to me. An unspecified and overarching desire for change speaks to a dissatisfaction probably better served by a psychiatrist. One surgeon I spoke to will not treat people in their first year of widowhood for just that reason.” (184)

because, well-you know how i do.


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