let’s explore diabetes with owls by david sedaris

“It’s like eating poultry but taking a moral stand against Peeps,those sugarcoated chicks they sell at Easter.” (196)

“have you ever walked in the shadow of a giant?”

“My dad was like the marine corps, only instead of tearing you to pieces and then putting you back together, he just did the first part and called it a day. Now it seems cruel, abusive even, but this all happened before the invention of self-esteem, which, frankly, I think is a little overrated.” (38)

i saw a lot of this latest junket and well, the world is a better place because of david sedaris, right? his wit, his style, his commentary on microworld events and his always surprising little chipmunk voice is so very dear to my heart and i appreciate his continued exploration on how family shapes us and influences our idea(l)s.

“Then there are vegans, macrobiotics, and a new group, flexitarians, who eat meat if not too many people are watching.” (198)

may we all build families that cherish us when we choose to be the people we are, regardless of the witnesses.


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