barney’s version by mordecai richler

“she didn’t trust strangers and was even more suspicious of friends.” (110)

“so closer than friends is where i keep my enemies at”

“Wolves, I read somewhere, establish territorial rights to their domain, warding off trespassers by pissing along its borders. I did something similar. I was amazed that a woman as intelligent and beautiful would marry somebody like me. And so, fearful of losing her, I made her my prisoner, methodically alienating the friends she had made before we met.” (348)

i liked the book and the movie, and i saw the movie first knowing that it was a book. i’m not sure what led me to the book, but i’m glad i did read it. a guy was reading it as he passed through my checkout, and his comment was “the movie made him look like a bad guy”. um, well-the book doesn’t do much to dispel the fact that the protagonist is a terrible human being. but yet, we do identify with his stumbles and his hilarious outbursts and pettiness.

“Bad days my memory functions no better than an out-of-focus kaleidoscope but other days my recall is painfully perfect.” (388)

and that is why we feel for this asshole, because he isn’t completely absolved by alzheimer‘s. though speaking from personal experience-dealing with an old asshole isn’t that much easier than dealing with a young asshole. just sayin’.


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