n-w by zadie smith

“An indescribable accent. Like he was born on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean and raised by Ralph Lauren.” (179)

“How did he ever come to know this place? Unknowing it would just be the restoring of things to their natural, healthy state.” (121)

after a morning of blogging to tommy sotomayor, here is the truest truth he’s spitting to my ears right now.

on the topic of haters-i’m not sure why people were so upset about this one. sure, it was nothing like the other book (that came out when she was barely a woman-the one that she can’t even read herself), it’s not linear (but hey-who in this day and age can actually be mad at that?), and sure-it hints at her (at least figurative) obsession with anal sex as a power trip.

“It occurred to Natalie Blake that she was not very happily married. Goofy. Made lame jokes, offended people. He was in a constant good humour, yet he was stubborn. He did not read or have any real cultural interests, aside from old, nostalgic affection for Nineties hip hop. The idea of the Caribbean bored him.” (220)

short of the 90’s hip hop part, this relationship is the realest tragedy of this book. yes, i sometimes feel as much empathy for fictional characters than i do for actual humans i encounter. i do.


One thought on “n-w by zadie smith

  1. (oops) i did it again.

    seems like i actually blogged this on january 21st this year-oh well, here’s to re-reading, right? and i didn’t know of the links that i linked at the time. so there.

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