the salmon of doubt by douglas adams

“all good writers are easy to read, and if you can’t understand them-they’re not good writers.”

“Asking people about their opinions is a very good way of making friends. Telling them about your own opinions can also work, but not always quite as well.” (79)

“I don’t know if I’m right in thinking this, but I only have silence to go on, which is always a poor source of information.” (168)

i was reading this book during that big storm in the summer. i know this because there’s a note written by the unicorn telling me that he came by to see if i returned (from making dumplings for samurai bambi and her parents)-i had recently given him a key. it’s funny because he wrote so big so that i would see it, and i’m writing all small in order to get all my quotes in before the end of the book. the lead quote came from the owner of an eastern european bookstore that i check out. i was telling her my apprehensions about reading douglas adams or sci-fi in general, and she reminded me of this important fact.

sometime yesterday, i became hooked on the videos of tommy sotomayor. i think my brain was a bit fried yesterday and i was listening to him and playing bejeweled when my baby came home last night. i’m not gonna lie-i’m back on his page right now as i write this (and wait for the highlights from tonight’s whooping of the lakers-bittersweet as masai trades away gay and amir clocks 32pts-i knew we’d break this losing streak by beating la again-we’re kind of a thorn in their side).

“I think media are at their most interesting before thought of calling them art, when people still think they’re just a load of junk.” (159)

we can’t agree with everything everyone says, and sotomayor is definitely opinionated, and he certainly has a way of driving his point(s) home, and i respect that. maybe i just like the score that plays behind his commentary. i don’t really enjoy it when he gets too rant-y, but he’s very provocative. i linked to the most important video that he made (that i saw last night) and that is the justin bieber/trayvon martin video. i also found a lot of value in the video about driving gays into the closet.

i must be a bit tired, as i can’t really end this and i finally saw the game highlights and i’m excited for terrence ross‘ moments tonight-here’s hoping we’ll see him ignite a bit…soon.


One thought on “the salmon of doubt by douglas adams

  1. idle worship:

    “If I were not an athiest, I think I would have to be a Catholic because if it wasn’t the forces of natural selection that designed fish, it must have been an Italian.” (61)

    “The awe it inspired in me made the awe that people talk about in respect of religious experience seem, frankly, silly beside it. I’d take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day.” (99)

    “Money has no meaning outside ourselves, it is something we have created that has a powerful shaping effect on the world, because it’s something we all subscribe to.” (140)

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