the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry by rachel joyce

“Beginnings could happen more than once, or in different ways. You could think you were starting something afresh, when actually what you were doing was carrying on as before.” (156)

this book was recommended to me by a customer, and has evidently also garnered the attention of chatelaine magazine. it has been the star of bookclubs all across north america, and does it deserve it? meh. it’s alright, but nothing to jump up and down or shit candy over. there are some poignant moments that detail how one’s family (d)evolves:

“He could forgive his parents for not wanting him. For not showing him how to love, or even giving him the vocabulary. He could forgive their parents, and their parents before that.
All Harold wanted was his child.” (283)

Dear son, read Joan’s only letter. New Zealand is a wonderful plase. I had to go. Muthering was not me. Send my best regads to your dad. It wasn’t her leaving that was the worst part. It was the fact she couldn’t spell her explanation.” (104)

whoo, at least you got an explanation, homie.

“To live without her would be like scooping out the vital parts of himself, and he would be no more than a fragile envelope of skin.” (126)

sometimes, you gotta step out on your partner without a peep and walk halfway across the country to visit a former co-worker to value her.

“Harold had spent his whole life bowing his head to avoid confrontation, and yet, spilled from his own flesh was someone determined to hold his eye and have it out with him.” (83)

and, checkmate.

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