the history of love by nicole krauss

“So many words get lost. They leave the mouth and lose their courage, wandering aimlessly until they are swept into the gutter like dead leaves.” (111)

“Her kiss was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” (62)

the suggestion for this one came out of a crashed date that was probably made a little less unbearable because at least an interesting discussion of books came out of it. i didn’t like it at first, because it starts with a sentence fragment. but i got over myself and saw it as an intentional tactic to tell us a little something more about the character. duh. i’m glad i gave this more than my 30-page grace, it really paid off in the end.

“To paint a leaf, you have to sacrifice the whole landscape. It might seem like you’re limiting yourself at first, but after a while you realize that having a quarter-of-an-inch of something you have a better chance of holding onto a certain feeling of the universe than if you pretended to be doing the whole sky.” (45)

“The shop owner did not try to push the book on any of her customers. She knew that in the wrong hands such a book could easily be dismissed or, worse, go unread. Instead, she let it sit where it was in the hope that the right reader might discover it.” (74)


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