nothing remains the same by wendy lesser

“Time is a gift, but it can be a suspect one, especially in a culture that values frenzy.” (3)

this is the perfect book to highlight on a night when i saw reservoir dogs for the first time and on the big screen, i catch up on nba hangtime podcasts (when they gonna talk about our team, yo?) and i currently watch the bet hip hop awards of 2007 hosted by the one and only katt williams (swoon).

not a day passes without me posing the question “what are you reading?” to at least one person. sometimes, people respond not with a book, but an admission that they read slow. this is interesting, because reading isn’t really a race. not only will we never be able to read all the books that have ever been written, but i find this kind of impossibility madly inspiring. much like when i read that book about reading in translation, i love this because it calls into question whether or not i’ve even read all the books i’ve actually read. here’s the author stating this more articulately:

“But if you are someone who cares deeply about reading, you may find that you respond to the important books in your life, and especially to those early in your life, very much as you do to actual people. Sometimes you like them because they reflect exactly what you are at the moment you first encounter them, and sometimes you like them for the opposite reason-because they touch something in you that is hidden, or because they touch something in you that is hidden, or because they forecast something that you will be but aren’t yet.” (43)

and here she sings the praise of the potential of novices, and how they are often impeccably on time:

“When you are just starting out, it is easy to break or ignore the rules, because you don’t know what they are. Cervantes, inventing the novel from scratch, accomplished all sorts of things that later writers were too cautiously professional to try; and I, reading one of my earliest grownup books, was too young and inexperienced to be worried by the violations of form. In that sense, we were ideally matched.” (10)

“Is a dream a lie?” (14)

i guess the sky’s the limit (keep on, just keep on pressin’ on)


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