the (last night of the) yeezus tour

“stop trippin’, i’m trippin’….”

i know, this is last year’s news. but considering that some folks just got their electricity back last week, it is still a timely comment that no one man should have all that power-on a night when it was unclear if the teamsters would be on strike at the acc, there was an excessive amount of shit blowing up, but hey-that’s how he do.

i was also reminded of this today when my silly ass decided to freeze my feet off on an otherwise empty ice rink, but when i rolled up-dood was practicing for the zamboni olympics that will happen 200never, and i had to share the shinny ice with two punk kids who acted like i was killing their vibe. bitch.

as the pacers lead us 66-52 deep in the third, i reminisce on the night i wore a leotard, full-leg leopard portrait tights, and a fur coat to be saved, or at least question the existence of any god. i’ve only ever seen kanye in arenas, and it’s rare that someone is so ready out the gate-but the man is special. i really thought that it was the other side of my beyonce experience-i saw her at the exact right time, and now-maybe my time had passed with the self-fashioned messiah.

when he first came out in the jewelled stocking mask, i thought that he made the prettiest indian bride i had ever seen in my life. seventy-five masks and a jacket with 96 arms later, he had just settled into his first sermon, and i have never been in the presence of so many people who hated someone so intensely, only to give it all up within the first three seconds of jesus walks. and yes, i’ll admit that the unmasking of yeezus in the face of actual jesus to intro that song was a spiritual experience. and then he brings out drake?


but then he goes into his second sermon, and we start wondering exactly how many hours of our life we committed to this man and used our peripheral vision to check for kool-aid. i guess it’s just clear to see who’s in control here, and just how much the puppet master loves pulling all the strings.

confederate flags and epilepsy aside-i’m thinking that a decade is long enough to be a kanyeezer. i’ma have some questions for 2014, man.

but nothing and nobody could ever make me not feel feelings for this.

foreva eva?!

“everybody feel a way about k, but at least y’all feel something”


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