(you) set me on fire by mariko tamaki

“Sometimes silence sits on talk like a bully squashing any power words might possibly have.” (174)

“Here’s something. You can talk and talk and talk and not get rid of silence.” (174)

“hang up and then you call right back…”

so, shortly after my baby dropped me off today, i got this text from him: “wayne brady is dating chili” which i guess means that usher is now potentially a bitch that wayne brady may need to choke.

“Everyone knows that people hate/dump people who get dumped all the time. I have this feeling that it’s easier to dump someone you know someone else has dumped. It’s like throwing out something you bought at a garage sale.” (108)

i have to say that i enjoyed tamaki‘s non-fiction stories better than this ya, but i respect that she’s still revered and working. she’s one of the first canadian artists that i learned about during my stint at ricepaper, and she has not rested on her laurels, but has grown like krs-1‘s nose.

“There should be a system of language that lets us know not only what people mean but also the level of hostility implied. Imagine how lovely all of our childhoods would be if we knew that sort of thing, if we knew the difference between a person being vicious and a person attempting to be friendly.” (57)

i just heard the (underwhelming) new common track (while watching him win all those awards for finding forever) and admittedly, it is hard to tell.


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