animals make us human-temple grandin

“connected to all matter like oxygen atoms i wanna breathe you in so you can show me what you’re made of”

“Pigs are highly curious animals that have to have something to do with their minds and their snouts, which they stick into everything they can reach.” (173)

“So far, no one has found anything that can compete with straw for a pig’s interest and attention.” (186)

“You would think straw is straw, but it isn’t. New straw was exciting; old straw wasn’t.” (11)

“Understimulated pigs will chew off each other’s tails, too. It’s horrible.” (184)

so, back to this bloggery. after staying up too late last night and listening to a hilarious (yet helpful) audiobook the sound of your voice , i’m not sure why i chose this one as the soup that my mother-in-law made (that i’m enhancing by adding rainbow chard) but hey-temple grandin is amazing. i have to thank the library once again for introducing her to me. it was just a little dvd that was the tipping point to a fascinating individual. now that my library is back, and i am ready to start reading through my holds list again-i’m glad for every day and every material that is available to me through the toronto public library. see? my librarian appreciation goes all year-just like i promised the ontario librarians association earlier in the year. (oh, boo-my coconut mint chocolate bar was crushed in my pocket when i was angrily smashing ice last night in my rage against winter and the prolonged illness that i was rebuking). i don’t really have a lot to say on this book-the pullquotes still say it all:

“The reason dogs can train themselves to perform a lot of behaviours is that that our social reactions are reinforcing to dogs.” (25)

“Don’t go toward a dangerous dog face-to-face, and never make eye contact. Primates like face-to-face introductions; dogs don’t.” (58)

i was going to say-that’s the beauty of high-functioning autistic thinkers-they’re straight to the point. and then i shared the dog quotes and remember her saying that the way she classified dogs as the same species was the nose-the nose is always the same. other than that, the diversity of dog features (which is due to their adapting to influence us into adapting to keeping their ranks alive and plentiful) make them difficult to lump together for those with categorization “issues” (oh-to not have to unlearn that “skill”).

here’s a note on food health from the person who revolutionized global slaughter facilities: “Breeders have overselected so much for milk production that they’ve created a weak, fragile animal that’s so frail it’s starting to be hard to breed them. Holstein cows can carry a pregnancy to term but it’s hard to get a pregnancy started.” (164)

and finally: “No matter how nice and roomy a zoo is, it’s still a home. Nomad animals don’t want a home.” (278)

“that’s how i choose to live”


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