shad at the danforth music hall-january 31, 2014

“if one outta three refugees is a lauryn hill”

this was one of these days that was so nuts at work that i needed three hours to decompress. i almost didn’t make it out, considering that i didn’t want to get dressed (contrary to my love’s belief-i DO enjoy getting dressed sometimes, but damn-sweatpants are just so comforting). anyways, after whining and grunting about him not coming with me, i finally put on some red lipstick and a leotard (cure for all wardrobe blues) and decided to pour myself a drink. (i know). why? no idea-just stalling for more flopping (hey, blake griffin) and eventual menstruation (that explained so many things), but i finally made it to the bus stop, all tipsy and filling in the blank pages of when women were birds by terry tempest williams.

so i’m kinda late and didn’t pack id (i always forget, and dammit-i’m 34 years old going to an all-ages show), but i did stop for a moment to muse at the marquee (SHAD tonight-sold out, PUSHA T-FEB 2)-huh, isn’t that some shit. i made it through the gatekeepers and was relieved that the man i came to see was already on stage.

i’ve never been to the danforth music hall (yes-i slept on the solange show) and it was actually a nice venue. i found a nice spot by the bar and could hear and see very well (considering). no disrespect to the openers (real and on other legs of the tour), but i did come for the headliner. it’s kind of amazing to go back in my mind on almost a decade of seeing shad perform live on this anniversary year of college dropout. it’s unfortunately nothing like my reminiscing of ten years of seeing k-os a few years back. shaddy just keeps on getting better and better-shouts to the celebrity photog that i got to witness that statement with me about 2/3 of the set.

despite all the rigamarole, i was so glad that i was there, i was smiling in spite of myself, and i even put my hands up when the rapper asked me to. to my knowledge-that has never happened in my life. but what can i say-this man’s live performance is a spiritual experience. bigups for the breath control, lyrical proficiency, and fucking rapping like it’s an amazing job to have.

“no air, like jordan/in sparks”

thank you.


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