operating instructions-anne lamott

“I heard someone say once that forgiveness is having given up all hope of having had a better past.” (210)

this is certainly different from the louise hay camp of charging people with being guilty of manifesting their own cancer or HIV. (sigh). what happens when your therapist tells you that she believes in this book? i mean, i’m all about taking charge of your own destiny, and i do believe that there are environmental and psychological elements of sickness, but there is a line.

i got a message from wordpress today that this blog is five years old today, and i’m gunning for blog number 1000 to celebrate the occasion. i’m transplanting back to the summer when i went through all the anne lamott books by the order of the subjects that she wrote about-writing, her (grand)son, and faith. i think i mentioned this before, but after all that, i just couldn’t get with her fiction, unlike the work of jeannette walls.

“Then I called a woman who went out with him a few years ago and discovered the two modt damaging things I can know about a man: one, he voted for both Bush and Reagan, and two, he was very very reluctant to give head.” (184).

ouch. that’s quite the double-whammy.


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